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Directed by Quentin Valois

A new way to contemplate classic images, cultural references and modern iconography

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Meet Quentin

A mad desire to stage all those cultural images that cross our consciousness. All those images that constantly come back at us, infused by film, pop culture, painting, our past, the modern world and all its icons. Telling new stories with these characters, these codes, these references, as if immersed in a dream. It all seems true, but there's always doubt... In the end, it doesn't matter, let's just let ourselves be drawn into the experience, because it's unique.

- Quentin Valois (Artist)

« In digital collage, I assemble samples of photographs or paintings into targeted sets. Gradually opening up my sets in wide panoramic views, I complete my vision down to the smallest detail. The idea is to recreate a world in which I give meaning to these powerful images, inking them into the very depths of my mind. To provoke an exhilarating dream, through different eras or artistic, political and poetic universes. »

Artworks loaded with references

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